A Franchise typically involves the granting by one party (a franchisor) to another party (a franchisee) the right to carry on a particular name or trade mark, according to an identified system, usually within a territory or at a location, for an agreed upon term. The franchisee is granted a franchise license to use the franchise company’s trademarks, systems, signage, software, and other proprietary tools and systems in accordance with the guidelines in the franchise contract.

How big is franchising, as an industry?

According to a report put out by the IFA (International Franchise Association), franchising is huge. As of 2005;

There were 909,253 franchised business establishments in the United States.

Franchised businesses provided more than 11 million jobs, or 8.1 percent of the national private-sector workforce.

Franchised businesses supplied an annual payroll of $278.6 billion, or 5.3 percent of all private-sector payrolls in the United States.

Franchised businesses produce goods and services worth $880.9 billion per year, or 4.4 percent of private-sector output in the United States.

Differences between a Franchise Opportunity and a Business Opportunity

They’re both really “business opportunities.”

A franchise business provides a detailed, step-by-step, business “blueprint.” There are very specific rules that must be followed, including the use of approved signage, and marketing materials, hours of operation, etc. Franchisors also provide ongoing support to their franchisees. Franchising is also highly regulated, and there are a lot of things that a franchisor must do to legally set it up.

A non-franchise business opportunity also provides a “blueprint,” but it’s usually not as detailed.  There just aren’t as many rules, when compared to a franchise. The actual contract that you’re given to review prior to signing a business opportunity type of business may be one to two pages in length. Franchise contracts are 20 to 40 pages long. A good example of a business opportunity would be a mall kiosk type of business. The kiosk owner is provides with a pre-packaged set-up including the actual kiosk, the inventory, and preferred methods to make sales. In addition, there are no ongoing royalties, as with a franchise. Most of the time, pure business opportunities have a much lower investment than a franchise business. One reason for this is that once someone buys a business opportunity, the support provided by the business opportunity seller is very limited in most cases, as opposed to a franchisor, who must invest in an infrastructure that can handle the ongoing needs and contractual obligations of its franchisees.

AIYCTE Franchisees Minimum Criteria

Serial Number Minimum Requirement Quantity
1 Minimum Area 300 – 500 sq. ft
2 Office room 1
3 No. of Class Rooms 1Room, Sitting Capacity of atleast 10 Students
4 Lab Room 1
5 Minimum computers 4
6 Printer 1
7 Internet Broadband/wireless
8 Any Caste barrier NO
9 Any Age barrier NO
10 Any Sex Barrier NO
11 Knowledge of Technology Required Faculty – Thorough knowledge of subjects, disciplined, Student’s problem solving capacity & disciplined.
12 Any Income Barrier NO

You get a number of advantages when you purchase an AIYCTE Franchisee:

Reduced Risk – Franchisees traditionally have a much lower failure rate than other start-up businesses. The reason? You’re buying a business concept where most of the kinks have already been worked out by someone else.

Complete Package – The guesswork usually associated with starting a business is taken care of. Your total package can include trademarks, easy access to an established product; a proven marketing method; equipment; inventory; etc.

Strength in numbers – When you become a franchisee, you have the buying power of the entire network, which can help you to get products and compete with larger national chains.

Business processes – Franchisers provide their franchisees with various proven systems including financial and accounting systems; ongoing training and support; research and development; sales and marketing assistance; planning and forecasting; inventory management; etc. They’ll show you the techniques that have made the business successful and help you utilize them in developing your own business.

Advertising and Promotion – Not only you will benefit from any national or regional ad and promotional campaigns from the franchisor, but they will also help out in other areas.

Our experts designing team will provide industry experimented designs which will help our partners to increase the revenue.

Website & Online Software – We at AIYCTE provide free website and Online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software through which a partner can manage and increase his/her  own business with ease thus saving his/her valuable time.

How you get the Franchisee

You may apply for AIYCTE franchisee by downloading application form from our Website or from AIYCTE centres.

Fill the form as directed in application Form with all respective prescribed documents.

Send the application form with required documents along with Demand Draft (DD) to AIYCTE H.O.

Verification Department will conduct verification process of your documents and inspect your space referred for Franchisee center (Verification Process takes 3 to 5 working days).

If get you approval from AIYCTE governed Jury / Verification department,

AIYCTE will send Sample Kit and ATC Authorization Letter.

The Materials provided to the AIYCTE Students Free of Cost:

Folder Free of cost
Course CD’S Free of cost
Extra Supporting material Free of cost
Note Book Free of cost
Pen Free of Cost
Students Identity Cards free of cost
Certificate After Complete Exam.
Mark Sheet After Complete Exam.


Particulars Quantity
Student Brochure 200 Pcs
Front Office AIYCTE Posters 20 Pcs
AIYCTE Prospectus 5 Pcs
AIYCTE Student Folder 1 Pc
AIYCTE Student Note Book 1 Pc
AIYCTE Student Pen 1 Pc
AIYCTE Courseware CD’s 1 Set
AIYCTE Authorization Certificate 1 Pc
AIYCTE Sample Certificate 1 Pc
AIYCTE Sample Marksheet 1 Pc
AIYCTE Director Identity Card 1 Pc
AIYCTE Director Visiting Cards 100 Pcs
AIYCTE Original Agreement Deed 1 Set
AIYCTE Student Admission Forms 20 Pcs
Individual Centre Website & Server Free of Cost
Faculty Training Free Of Cost
Academic Counselor Training Free of Cost
Advertisement of your Center Name with Centre Director Image  on website Free Of Cost
Student Placement Support Free of Cost

The Franchisee Fee should be in favour of

All India Youth Council Of Technical Education,